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Thank you for visiting my Turner Travel & Tours webpage.  My name is Teresa Pauline and my love for travel started just over 30 years ago when I worked as a Cast Member for Walt Disney World in Florida.  I was also blessed and honored to be selected as Cast Member of the Month (on the Resorts side).  

I've always planned vacations for myself and my husband, David, along with helping family and friends create their own memories.  Approximately 9 years ago I started transferring my personal cruise bookings to Kathy Turner, owner of Turner Travel & Tours.  I didn't really understand the need for a travel agent but knew I didn't want to give the "built in" commission back to the cruise lines.  After having an issue on one of our cruises, Kathy stepped in  and handled it.  I got to see firsthand the benefits of working with a travel agent.  Shortly thereafter, I was blessed with the opportunity to join Turner Travel & Tours as an independent contractor.  

Since becoming a travel consultant I have taken classes and have obtained certifications from many tour operators and cruise lines.  You will find a few of them listed at the bottom of this page.  I do site inspections of the resorts and cruise lines I will be recommending.  This will enable me to offer my clients first hand knowledge along with candid photos of the properties and cruise ships I have visited.  By working with me, a professional travel consultant, you can rest assured the photos I am presenting are not photoshopped and the advice I am giving is not a paid review.  

Get started planning your next getaway today!


Teresa Pauline




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Smart Travel Tips

Due to increased security at all airports, it is advisable to arrive at the airport an extra hour early to ensure you arrive at the gate in time to board your flight.

An inexpensive luggage scale will save in excess baggage fees.  For most flights, bags weighing more than 50 lbs. and more than 62 linear inches are subject to excess baggage fees.  See individual airline websites for complete baggage details.

Check your passport expiration date at the beginning of a New Year so you can be prepared to renew months ahead of your trip.  This will prevent those last minute expensive expedited charges.  You should always allow 90+ days prior to your departure.  It is always better to have far inadvance than to risk the chance of not getting it before you leave.


Teresa Pauline

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